Raw Peanut Butter

Raw Peanut Butter

by Vanaheim Blender


4 1/2 cups (650 g) raw peanuts
3 tablespoons (45 mL) oil
Speed: Variable to High
Yield: 1-3/4 cups (420 mL)


1. Pour nuts and oil into blender container. Securely lock the 2-part lid.
2. Blend under "NUT BUTTER" program or until desired consistency.
TIP: If necessary, use the tamper to ensure everything mixes evenly.
NOTE: You may need to stop the machine and run a spatula around the inside of the
container to integrate ingredients. If necessary, use the tamper to press any ingredients
into the blades while processing. Do not over mix.
CAUTION! Over-processing will cause serious overheating to your machine!
Do not process for more than 1 minute after mixture starts circulating.

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