About Us


Vanaheim was founded as a professional kitchen appliance company in 2017, by a team who set out to explore the food preparation category based on their own personal life experiences.



Vanaheim’s founder had a mission in mind to promote healthy lifestyles by making appliances that help people to eat more nutritious and healthy whole foods. We create relationships for life by designing, developing and producing the world’s best performing and most reliable blending solutions.



We deeply care about the quality of our products. Our R&D team of more than 10 designers, engineers, and nutritionists carefully craft our products and recipes with the finest materials and ingredients using a precise production process.


Customer Satisfaction

We strive to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We make sure that our products will deliver excellent performance, but we also provide substantial warranty to cover any wear and tear.



Improving the vitality of people’s lives and liberating the world from conventional food and beverage preparation boundaries.



Innovation has always been a key driver of Vanaheim. We have developed kitchen appliances including electric food blenders and air fryers. We are committed to continuously refine our technology and products to help our customers accomplish a healthier diet every day.

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